School format

The school format has been developed to provide a forum for discussion and debate.

We also encourage school participants to briefly present their research activity: as a guide, typically 5 slides taking no more than 15 minutes may be appropriate. An informal evening reception will be held on Sunday 23rd January from 18:00.

Confirmed Speakers

P. Tiberto, INRiM: Welcome and Nanomagnetism Applications

D. Adner, Fraunhofer CSP: Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: From Materials to Modules

W. Vandervoorst, IMEC: Ensemble measurements as an enabler for sensitive, high resolution 3D-devices analysis

A. Albo, INRiM: European metrology network for Clean Energy and energy transition

M. Laus, UPO: Polymer Recycling by Depolymerization

F. Castro NPL, UK, F. Castro, NPL, UK: VAMAS, The Versailles Project on Advanced Materials Standards

M. Perego, CNR IMM, IT: Synthesis of inorganic nanostructures by sequential infiltration synthesis in block copolymer thin films

Marc Olivier, METAS: Electrical Metrology at METAS

D. Comoretto, UniGE: Organic and Hybrid Photonic Crystals