Refuge “La Capanna” Claviere, Turin, Italy

The lodge is on the ski tracks of Claviere, on the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games Site.

Maximum number of attendees (Speakers included): 45

How to reach Claviere

A shuttle service to Claviere will be available on the 30th of January:

  • Pickup point at Torino Porta Susa Railway Station close to "ARRIVA" company bus station in Corso Bolzano (see map).

  • Departure time at 16:30 CET. Punctuality is recommended.

Other routes and means of transport to reach Claviere:

  • Trenitalia trains ( from Torino Porta Susa Railway Station to Oulx train station and "ARRIVA" buses for Oulx - Claviere - Oulx ( See at the bottom of this page.

The meeting point in Claviere on 30th January will be at the Claviere church's square at 18:00 (see maps).

On the 2nd of February 2022 a shuttle bus will be available after the school ending from Claviere to Caselle airport or to Porta Susa Railway Station.

Shuttle pick up point on the 30th at 16:30, in Turin

Meeting point on the 30th at 18:00 in Claviere

Route map from Torino to Claviere

Map of Claviere

Soluzioni _ Trenitalia andata.pdf

Trenitalia trains from Torino Porta Susa to Oulx station

Soluzioni _ Trenitalia ritorno.pdf

Trenitalia trains from Oulx to Torino Porta Susa station

Arriva Oulx-Claviere rect2.pdf

ARRIVA buses Oulx-Claviere and Claviere Oulx. In the red rectangles the most appropriate trips and times