Refuge “La Capanna” Claviere, Turin, Italy

The lodge is on the ski tracks of Claviere, on the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games Site.

Maximum number of attendees (Speakers included): 40

How to reach Claviere

A shuttle service to Claviere will be available on the 26th of February 2024:

Other routes and means of transport to reach Claviere:

The meeting point in Claviere on 28th February will be at the Claviere church's square at 14:00 (see maps).

On the 28th of February 2024 a shuttle bus will be available after the school ending from Claviere to Caselle airport or to Porta Susa Railway Station.

Route map from Torino to Claviere

Shuttle pick up point on the 26th of February at 11:30, in Turin

Meeting point on the 28th of February at 15:00 in Claviere

Soluzioni _ Trenitalia andata.pdf

Trenitalia trains from Torino Porta Susa to Oulx station

Soluzioni _ Trenitalia ritorno.pdf

Trenitalia trains from Oulx to Torino Porta Susa station

Arriva Oulx-Claviere rect2.pdf

ARRIVA buses Oulx-Claviere and Claviere Oulx. In the red rectangles the most appropriate trips and times