Scientific Activity:

Nicoletta Baglieri received her M. Sc. in Physics cum laude and honourable mention in 2020 from University of Turin working on the study of the synthesis of MgB2 (produced via the Reactive Liquid Infiltration technique) for antimicrobial applications.

Her research interests have always been focused on solid state physics, specialized in the processes of material synthesis, characterization and applications.

Through a scholarship for research activities at Polytechnic of Turin (Department of Applied Science and Technology) in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Metrological Research (INRiM), she focused her interest on the fabrication of nanostructured materials and devices.

In this framework she is now carrying on her activity with a Ph.D. course in Electric, Electronic and Communications Engineering working on the realisation and characterisation of electronic devices, based on metal/metal-oxide nanostructures with critical dimensions below 30 nm, by combining Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) of Block Copolymers (BCPs), conventional lithographic techniques (optical lithography, electron beam lithography), and Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS).


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