• Fabrication of devices and structures ranging from micro to nano-scale (UV-lithography, laser writer lithography, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam, self-assembly)

  • Thin films technologies (molecular beam epitaxy, evaporation, sputtering, ion milling, reactive ion etching, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition)

  • Electrical and optical characterization of devices and materials (e.g. superconductive, and memristive devices, nanostructured and low-dimensional materials)

  • Morphological and chemical characterization (atomic force microscopy, optical profilometer, ellipsometry, analytical scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectrometer, energy dispersive x-ray analysis).


Nanofacility Piemonte

Contact Person: Luca Boarino

Clean Room

Contact Person: Natascia De Leo

Electrical Characterization

Contact Person: Matteo Fretto