Electrical PHenomena

at the nanoscale


  • Establishing a shared laboratory infrastructure for the traceable electrical and optical characterisation of micro- and nanostructured devices and materials (e.g. Josephson junctions, nano-SQUIDs, Transition Edge Sensors, SSPD), in a variable temperature and magnetic field regime, supporting also collaborations with other research institutions and the industry.

  • Study of memristive devices for quantum metrology

In the light of the revision of the International System of Units (SI), in article number 2000009 Gianluca Milano and co‐workers discuss on the possibility of using memristive devices for quantum metrology. Exhibiting quantized conductance phenomena in air at room temperature, memristive devices can be exploited for the realization of a resistance standard implementable on‐chip for self‐calibrating systems with zero‐chain traceability.