Polymer Metamaterial for Nanophotonics School

Mixing polymer chemistry, photonics and nanofabrication

January 30th-February 2nd 2023, Claviere (Italy)



They are artificially engineered composite materials with properties beyond those attainable in nature. Metamaterials properties are mainly defined by the architecture rather than by composition. Then, their structure dictates the properties with unprecedented opportunities in different fields spanning from optical, acoustic, thermal and mechanical engineering.

Petals School

Focuses on metamaterials for photonics exploiting the peculiar properties of advanced functional and self-assembling macromolecular systems. Due to the intrinsic multicultural and strongly interdisciplinary knowledge required to tackle this ambitious field, a common background including polymer science, optics and advanced nanofabrication tools have to be provided in order to fill the gap between traditional university master programs.

Is organized in the framework of National Relevant Interest Research Projects (PRIN 2020, 2020TS9LXS) funded by the Italian Ministry of University with the collaboration of the Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Petals School, whose purpose is to provide a friendly and stimulating environment where experts, students and young researchers are in close contact discussing about science and sharing mountain and ski experiences. We hope you enjoy your stay in Claviere!

The Organising Committee

Natascia De Leo, Luca Boarino, INRiM, Italy, Davide Comoretto, UniGE.

Scientific Committee

Davide Comoretto, UniGE, Luca Boarino (INRiM, Italy), Angelo Angelini (INRiM, Italy),
 M. Laus (UPO, Italy), Paola Stagnaro (SCITEC-CNR) Katia Sparnacci (UPO), Daniele Caretti (UNIBO), Michele Laus (UPO)