Cali 2023 (Heraklion)

Invited lecture Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Self-assembled photonic metasurfaces"

Atomic Layer Infiltration and Deposition for Functional Hybrid Materials Workshop 2023 (Haifa)

Presentation Irdi Murataj:

"Hybrid Metrology for Infiltrated Optical Metasurfaces"

NanoInnovation 2023 (Rome)

Tutorial Lecture Irdi Murataj:

"Self-assemlbing materials for metrology"

ECML-PKDD 2023 (Torino)

"Synaptic photoluminescent response of WS2 monolayers"

NanoInnovation 2021 (Rome)

Project Presentation Gianluca Milano:


NanoInnovation 2019 (Rome)

Tutorial lecture Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Nanoscale characterization and metrology"

EMRS Fall Meeting 2018 (Warsaw)

Oral presentation Eleonora Cara:

"Sequential infiltration synthesis of block copolymers films: depth profiling study by grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence"

Oral presentation Eleonora Cara:

"Controlling the long-range order of self-assembled nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy"

Oral presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Dewetting-induced formation of hierarchically ordered structures in BCP thin films" 

Oral presentation Irdi Murataj:

"Enhanced lateral ordering in lamellar BCP/homopolymer blends"

EMRS Spring Meeting 2018 (Strasbourg)

Oral presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Dewetting induced BCP ordering by laser writer lithography"

INRIM Stand: Eleonora Cara & Masoud Dialameh

"NanoMetrology at INRiM"

NanoInnovation 2017 (Rome) 

Invited presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Metrology at the nanoscale"

79th IUVSTA Workshop on 3D Chemical Imaging  (Cagliari) 

Topics and Workshop Format

The 79th IUVSTA workshop will bring together leading scientists in atom probe tomography, focused ion beams, 3D secondary ion mass spectrometry, and related methods to address important challenges in 3D chemical imaging methods.

The workshop will include invited and contributed presentations to stimulate debate. This is a forum where experts share their views and engage in in-depth discussions to identify and solve current challenges and issues. Participation is limited to 50 delegates.

YRM 2016 (Turin)

Oral presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Self-assembly nanofabrication techniques for metrology"

EUPOC 2016 (Gargnano)

Oral presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Ordering process of cylinder-forming PS-b-PMMA block copolymers inside periodic trenches"

EMRS Fall Meeting 2016 (Warsaw)

Invited presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Directed self-assembly for nanofabrication and metrology"

Oral presentation Eleonora Cara:

"Directed self-assembly of ps nano spheres by laser-writer"

"Fabrication of holey Germanium using PS-b-PMMA block copolymer masks and Reactive Ion Etching"

"High-x fluorinated diblock copolymers for lithographic appilications"

PSST 2016 (Tarragona)

Oral presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Diblock copolymers and holey silicon in metrology"

Poster Luca D'Ortenzi:

"A comparative Approach to Electrical Contact Fabrication on Porous Silicon Nanowires"

"Heterogeneous porous structures for advanced 3D chemical metrology"

NanotechIT (Bologna)

Invited presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Toward Diblock Copolymer Based Metrological Standard"

AFM Workshop (Bologna)

Invited presentation Federico Ferrarese Lupi:

"Thickness Dependence of PS-b-PMMA Diblock Copolymer Morphology Inside Periodic Trenches"