PETALS Registration

Registration fee 300 € (AIM Members). It includes:

(austere) mountain lodge accommodation in shared rooms & bathrooms from the night of the 30th of January to the 2nd of February 2023, full board including breakfast, lunch and dinners (beverages excluded), sanitized blankets and sheets and motor sledge for carrying luggage. The number of attendees is limited to 45, speakers included, subject to availability.

For not AIM members, membership is compulsory (40 €).

Participation to PETALS WINTER SCHOOL 2023 is reserved to AIM Members. The yearly membership fee for 2023 is € 40, that must be added to the conference fee.

Registration fees for PETALS WINTER SCHOOL 2023 are reported in the following table. The amounts indicated do not include AIM membership fees.

Two separate receipts, VAT-exempt as AIM is a non-profit organization with no VAT number, will be issued (one for AIM membership, and the other for PETAL WINTER SCHOOL registration).

How to register:

1st step: AIM membership application and registration Link to

 and complete the registration procedure.

2nd step: Register to PETAL WINTER SCHOOL 2023

In your AIM home page, you will see all the AIM events. Select PETAL WINTER SCHOOL 2023 and fill the registration form.

Steps to Register for AIM affilitation and the PETALS Winter School 2023.pdf

Registration deadline: 31st of December 2022

Downloading the leaflet and the registration form at the following address: