School format

The school format has been developed to provide a forum for discussion and debate.

We also encourage school participants to briefly present their research activity: as a guide, typically 5 slides taking no more than 15 minutes may be appropriate. An informal evening reception will be held on Sunday 2nd February from 18:00.

Possible Speakers

I. Gilmore NPL, UK, Metabolic imaging& cellular heterogeneity

M. Alexander Uni. Nottingham, UK, New Bio-instructive Materials

W. Vandervoorst IMEC Leuven, B, Metrology for confined volume analysis

G. Lerondel Université de Troyes, Fr, Materials for Photonics

C. Lobascio Thales Alenia Space, It, Materials in a challenging environment: space!

M. Perego CNR IMM Agrate, It, Nanofabrication by DSA

M. Laus University of Eastern Piedmont, It, Polymers for Quantum Technologies

P. Tiberto INRiM, Turin, It, Nanomagnetism

B. Beckhoff PTB Berlin, D, X-Rays Spectrometry

F. Castro NPL, UK, Multiscale characterisation for nanoelectronics

I. Fuentes Uni. Nottingham, UK, Quantum sensors for bio imaging

L. Depero University of Brescia, It, Materials Standardisation